Brett Johnson

Tacoma City Council at Large Position 7

The Platform


Serving The Community

 Brett Johnson, a third generation Tacoman, was born and raised in Tacoma.  His father, Stephen, was a local remodeling contractor and his mother, Lori, a home maker and occasional waitress.  Brett grew up in an east Tacoma house that was his great grandparents first home in the united states after immigrating from Germany pre world war II.  Brett is a graduate of Stadium High School class of 2000, and a United States Air Force veteran.

Brett’s life has been a unique cross road of 21st century america, and old American values. His parents provided guidance that instilled commitment, work ethic, and civic pride.  This coupled with U.S. Air Force core values laid the ground work for his entrepreneurial experience as a thermal and acoustical insulation contractor, and currently an Urban Sawmill and custom wood shop partnership.  


United By A Common Goal

As a neighbor, a friend, and an employer Brett has 9 years experience in ensuring task specific training is effectively given and absorbed, resolving employee issues, working with city, county, and state officials in compliance, interpretation, and utilization of codes and ordinances as well as 7 years experience with various military and federal regulations from his experience as both an Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic controller.

Brett looks forward to calling on those experiences to offer new perspective and new views to the council as he champions opportunity growth for all.

For nearly 10 years after graduating Stadium High School Brett lived in a variety of places all over the country only to realize Tacoma is, indeed, his "City of Destiny".


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